Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be Trusted Referral Network (TRN) member to post a listing?

Yes. is currently a directory of Trusted Referral Network members and sponsors.  We offer a free 3-Month Trial Membership to those who qualify. Please refer to our Membership page for details on qualifications, benefits, and responsibilities of membership/sponsorship.

How much does it cost to be a member, sponsor or to post a listing?

Our 3-month Standard Trial Membership is free.  Active members in good standing may upgrade to a paid membership at any time or at the expiration of their 3-month Trial Membership.  See our Pricing page for details.

Can I post a listing as an independent consultant?

Yes.  You do not need a business name to join the Trusted Referral Network.  If you are joining as an independent consultant, we recommend that you title your listing with your full name followed by “Consulting” as in “Sarah Smith Consulting” and use a headshot photograph for your listing image if you don’t have a logo.

How do I register on

You can create a new account by clicking on the “Register” link on the top bar.  If you are interested in becoming a member, make sure to check the Membership box when registering.  Please refer to our Account Setup Guide for more detailed instructions.

How do I post a listing on

Once your membership is approved, you can post the listing included with that membership by navigating to the My Listings page in the Account menu. Please refer to our Listing Guide for more detailed instructions.

Can I list in more than one category?

Each Trusted Referral Network listing can only be associated with one category.  However, once you have a paid membership, you can purchase “Add-On” listings in any level in any category.  The price for these Add-On listings will be prorated to expire with the underlying membership.

Can I include multiple office locations in one listing?

Your listing is currently limited to one location.  If your company has multiple offices in the US/Canada, we recommend using either your North American headquarters address or the address of the office where your listing category expertise is strongest.

How are referral fees between members managed?

With each listing, you may include a Standard Referral Fee, which is intended for referrals from other members.  Enter your referral fees in whole numbers as a percentage of gross revenue, or “0” if you do pay referral fees.  It is your responsibility to negotiate the terms of your referral fee payments directly with the referrer.  The Trusted Referral Network does not claim any portion of referral fees paid to members or other 3rd parties.