Listing Type : Branding
Location : US Midwest
Industries : B2B Services
Number of Employees : 1 - 10
Average Project Size : $3,800
Standard Referral Fee : 10%

We make it easier for clients to connect and engage with their customers by Demystifying Branding & Marketing. We Provide Entrepreneurs & Professional Service Firms: CLARITY, CONFIDENCE, AND COMFORTABILITY in understanding and conveying their key differentiators, to their core audiences. As an Outsourced Branding & Marketing Partner, we provide our clients/partners with guidance and expertise at a great value. A practical approach, and being easy to work with are BOMB Image’s calling cards. We pride ourselves on being excellent listeners and objective facilitators, to assist clients in achieving their goals. Ultimately, our clients gain clarity, confidence, and comfortability in marketing the products and services they are so passionate about. BOMB Image harnesses years of in-house design, branding, and marketing experience to tailor practical initiatives to fit your unique needs. We are problem solvers. Do you lack resources or the expertise to brand or market yourself properly? Challenged by something? Hitting a road block? We can help develop options to overcome obstacles and Maximize Your Marketing Efforts! Our clients appreciate our “no-nonsense” approach to Design, Branding & Marketing. Eliminating “buzzwords” and industry jargon for more practical, transparent communication is a priority for us. We like to keep things simple, in order to achieve dynamic results. Branding & Marketing DOESN’T have to be complicated or expensive! It’s simply about delivering the proper message, to the correct audience, at the right time. From Strategy to Execution…We offer solutions that drive leads and revenue! Our passion is inspiring clients to create THEIR BOMB Image!

BOMB Image

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