Listing Type : Digital Ads - SEM/PPC
Location : US Northeast
Number of Employees : 101+
Average Project Size : $30,000
Standard Referral Fee : 10%

BrkThru was founded in 2017 with a focus on what we believe to be missing in our industry – SERVICE. We’re a close-knit team of nearly 150 highly experienced marketing, media and digital media professionals who care about our clients, their business and their media campaigns. Our clients are full-service advertising agencies, media agencies, and brands themselves. Either way, we’re always referred to as the digital team. We have a proven track record of running successful digital media campaigns for local, state, regional and national brands in nearly every B2C and B2B vertical and industry. Brkthru team members work remotely from across the country. Ours is a fast-paced and exciting environment where employees require minimal direction, are dedicated, and embrace the vision, goals, and core values of the company – Caring, Trust, Positive Attitude, Communication and Contribution. We are happy to work with both the small business on main street all the way up to Fortune 500 companies. We also excel at partnering with other marketing agencies.

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