Listing Type : Copywriting
Location : US Northeast
Number of Employees : 1 - 10
Average Project Size : $20,000
Standard Referral Fee : 0%

At Catchline Communications, we partner with consultants, business coaches, and executives to transform your ideas into published articles that build your personal brand and position you as a sought-after expert.

We recently helped a client craft and pitch an article to Inc. Not only was that piece published, but she is now a regular columnist. We helped another client write articles for an industry trade publication. As a result of those articles, the trade association hired him to develop and lead a series of professional development programs. But the really big win? His firm was elevated from project consultant to lead consultant by a multinational corporation.

A published writer and former litigation attorney, I communicate complex ideas with power and clarity. I started Catchline Communications, a collective of researchers, writers, and editors because I believe in the power of words. We help you unearth your one BIG idea — the bold, insightful, and galvanizing idea upon which you will build your career and reputation — and give it shape and form through published articles.

In partnership with individuals and companies, we have written about:

⛯ Business operations

⛯ Entrepreneurship

⛯ Leadership

⛯ Diversity, equity, and inclusion

⛯ Sustainability

⛯ Affordable housing

⛯ Food security

⛯ Architecture

⛯ Historic preservation

⛯ Adaptive reuse

⛯ Manufacturing

⛯ Environmental health and safety

Your pathway to publication starts with defining your goals, identifying your audience, and pinpointing the right media outlets. With the roadmap in place, we interview subject-matter experts, conduct desk research, and shepherd each article through the publishing process, crafting the initial pitch and guiding you through conversations with your editor.

If you have questions about building your authority by publishing articles, join me at Pitched to Published, our monthly Q+A call on the third Wednesday of each month at noon EST. Details available on my LinkedIn profile.

Catchline Communications

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