Listing Type : Digital Marketing
Location : US West Coast
Industries : Retail & eCommerce
Number of Employees : 1 - 10
Average Project Size : $500
Standard Referral Fee : 6%

Digital Engagement Group is a digital agency that does SEO (Search Engine Optimization), PR, digital advertising and social media for clients. Founder and CEO Bob Heyman is credited with coining the terms “Edutainment” and “Search Engine Optimization” (SEO). He is the author of seven digital marketing business books and is the author of the Kidzter series of children’s chapter books about music history. His pioneering internet marketing agency Cybernautics established the first agency SEO practice. His clients have included IBM, Bristol Myers Squibb, REI, SGI, Intel, Sony, Sothebys, World Vision, Trend Micro, Morton Bassett, Avon, and AOL Time Warner. His books include Net Results, Digital Engagement and Marketing By The Numbers. He holds an Ed.M. from Harvard and a JD from the Hastings College Of Law at the University Of California. Bob was awarded an honorary doctorate by Golden Gate University where he was commencement speaker. SF Mayor Willie Brown declared a “Bob Heyman Day”. His Rock Opera “Rock Justice”, co-written with Marty Balin is in the Book Of Rock Lists.

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