Listing Type : Digital Ads - SEM/PPC
Location : US Northeast
Number of Employees : 1 - 10
Average Project Size : $150,000
Standard Referral Fee : 0%

Established in 2014, Ethic Advertising Agency began as a one person, full service advertising agency.  Over the years, our size and capabilities have evolved the company into a premier digital programmatic advertising agency and creative shop.  Our mission is to use hyper-targeted digital advertising mixed with effective, beautiful creative to get our clients in front of the right people at the right time.  We want our clients to invest their ad budget…not spend it!

Our founder, Jeff Swartz, realized his professional dream was to run an advertising agency while he was attending college.  He knew that in order to launch a successful ad agency, he needed capital and experience, so after a decade of gathering both he launched his dream and hasn’t looked back.

The growth of Ethic Advertising Agency from a full service agency into a digital and creative shop has armed Ethic with some unique advantages.

  • Most digital programmatic companies don’t provide high quality creative and vice versa for creative shops.  Ethic Advertising Agency provides both because the targeting and the message are equally as important.  We have clients that use us for just creative, others that use us for just advertising services, and many that utilize both services.
  • We understand the importance of all advertising and marketing efforts.  Remember, we started as a full service advertising agency.  In fact, we still offer most of those services to select clients. But digital programmatic advertising is the future and we are focused on being one of the best at it.  The work we do should complement and mesh well with our clients’ entire advertising and marketing campaign.
  • Constant optimization.  We are not a set it and forget it programmatic vendor.  We are a hands-on agency that has strategic protocols to try to make optimal tweaks to a campaign throughout it’s flight.
  • We care.  Our culture is people-centric. We believe that it’s important to provide an enjoyable, quality experience for our clients, staff, and partners through achieving goals and problem solving.  It’s not about clicks, impressions, creative, etc…it’s about helping people and businesses achieve their dreams through the tools we know how to work with best.
The best way to really get to know someone is a conversation.  We invite you to drop us a line or request a demo, so we can have a productive discussion centered around collaboration, growth, and prosperity.
Ethic Advertising Agency

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