Listing Type : Marketing Strategy
Location : US West Coast
Industries : B2B Services
Number of Employees : 1 - 10
Average Project Size : $2,500
Standard Referral Fee : 0%

Nedra’s client tend to identify with 1 or more of the challenges below

  • not consistent with their marketing or not doing much marketing at all
  • tend to be introverted and nervous about being visible
  • want to reduce their social media for their business
  • ready to level up and hire people to help them with marketing

Nedra loves working with service based businesses that tend to be introverted, in business at least 1 year and are burned out on social media. She creates Custom 90 Day Marketing Roadmaps for her customers that help them reach their goals, minimize their social media time, and align with their values. Nedra’s clients are able to launch challenges, close 5 figure deals, fall back in love with their business and have the confidence to reach out to collaborators and sell programs. Nedra loves to focus on clients with her 3 Pillars of Marketing Focus: Education/Speaking, Email Marketing, and Networking/Referral Partners.

Best referral partners – Other marketing folks, business coaches, other coaches who interact with my clients, digital marketing people, bookkeepers,  etc. Anyone who works with clients and realizes they need marketing strategy before they can execute or move forward.


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