Network Revenue

The Trusted Referral Network (“TRN”) is currently funded by referral fees from our network clients that sell innovative, B2B, martech, salestech or adtech products in North America.  These products are typically multi-year, big-ticket subscriptions priced at $25,000 to $500,000 per year.  TRN has negotiated generous multiyear referral fees ranging from $5,000 to $50,000 per year.  In general, half of these fees are paid to the TRN member or sponsor who sources the lead that results in a sale for one of our network clients listed below:

BrandMaker is a German company with an industry leading marketing resources management (MRM) solution targeted at companies with large, complex marketing organizations. Their current clients include 10 of the world’s biggest banks and automakers as well as global a CPG, retail, finance, and hospitality companies.

Their unique SaaS solution includes three major components: planning and budgeting, workflow management, and digital asset management that can be sold individually or in any combination.  BrandMaker also integrates their component solutions with existing marketing operations systems from competing vendors.

A good lead for BrandMaker is a marketing operations or marketing finance executive at a company that spends $100M+ in marketing annually.

SoloSegment is a New York startup whose artificial intelligence (AI) based SaaS solutions enable B2B companies with very large, complex, websites deliver the most relevant content to their users.  SoloSegment’s solutions can yield a 100% improvement in average user engagement measured by page views per session and a 50-60% increase in onsite search success, measured by a proprietary success metrics that assess the visitor experience.

SoloSegment currently offers three AI products, which can be sold separately or in any combination:

  • GuideBox – a content recommendation engine which recommends related content once a user lands on a specific page.
  • SearchBox – a site search enhancement tool that uses aggregate user behavior to delivery more highly relevant results.
  • MatchBox – a taxonomy building solution that automatically analyzes, categorizes, and tags all the content on a client’s site for easier navigation.

A good lead for SoloSegment is a senior manager responsible for increasing engagement on a company’s website with over 100K pages.  Target clients are global technology or industrial companies or organizations like trade associations with research-oriented websites.

Signal Insights is a startup offering artificial intelligence (AI) based solutions for competitive tracking and keeping tabs on major accounts.  Like Google Alerts, the Signal Insights solutions use keyword searches to find the most relevant articles about their customers’ competitors or clients, but then adds a layer of intelligence to filter out SPAM, irrelevant matches and duplicates and then prioritize the results.

The competitive tracking product also monitors each competitor’s website, Facebook page, press releases, newsletters, and search engine results for relevant changes, and delivers them via an online dashboard and weekly email summaries.  The key account monitoring system provides similar tracking of a clients’ most important accounts so their sales teams can be aware of any important and relevant developments.

Pricing is based on either the number of competitors or named accounts being tracked with an unlimited number of users within the client organization.

Target clients for the competition tracker are B2B companies or divisions with annual revenues of $500M or more.  The most likely decision makers will be responsible for competitive intelligence, strategy, public relations, or market research.  The account monitoring product is targeted at sales executives at B2B companies responsible for managing strategic accounts.