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FACIL’iti makes everyday life and everyday moments easier through user-friendly, one-click innovative digital tools for those with cognitive, visual, and motor challenges.

The age of the internet has been a fabulous revolution of information and media. Using smart devices (mobile phones, laptops etc.) one is able to access news, entertainment, as well as engage in all sorts of e-services from banking to health-care. However, websites are rarely accessible to those users with cognitive, visual and motor impairments.

FACIL’iti provides a significantly improved and entirely customizable browsing experience for all users. Our solution allows websites to instantly and seamlessly address each user’s particular needs.

FACIL’iti is available on a subscription basis to all web and intranet owners and developers who wish to improve their users’ browsing experience. All end users, customers or employees with accessibility needs can benefit from this solution free of charge, on all websites on which it is provided.

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