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rsquare media Erases Bad Reviews & Scandal from Google, Social & the internet. Success guaranteed or your money back! Online reputation management done right.

– Would you like to dominate Google & YouTube, so you’re the only 1 your customers see?

– Need your Product Launch to be Better, Faster or Smoother?

– Would you like to speak at the United Nations to globalize your brand?


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? We Delete Bad Press & Bad Reviews from Google

? So, you can get a date, get hired, get promoted or close deals

? Guaranteed Results or your money back

? BAZOOKA – Deletes Anything from Google

?️ FORCEFIELD – Prevents Future Crises on Google


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? Introduction to Trusted Advisors of Millionaires and Billionaires who do dumb sh*t. Please send intros to . Thanks in advance.

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Companies lose $1-$13Million dollars a day for every day of product launch delay!

brrrr Scary right?

if your Product Launch is delayed it means your investors are pissed at you, you’re not hitting your targets, you’re likely not getting your fat bonus, or worse, you’re getting Fired!


Lylli LaunchTools is a Product Launch Software that helps you Launch Better, Faster & Smoother. 

Our launch process helped a client achieve $1.3Billion dollars in sales at launch in 2021, while also helping a CPG Major get into the Guiness Book of Records for the world’s most successful green tea product launch in India. The campaign helped to sellout the product nationally in retail & wholesale for 2 months back to back.

Start for free today at . No credit Card Needed.

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